Tuesday, 28 November 2017

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Anna University BE results 2018 will be updated and notified here. Here students can easily find our results. The candidates are giving register number and Date of Birth we will update below your comment box. This time a lot of students who are written theory examinations like a 2nd year, 3rd Year and Final Year.

Now previous semester results are shown in given comment box. The May/June 2017 results will be declared July 11th 2017 onwards. Check Anna University Results 2018
(Give your register Number here) Check COE results 1 minute

Some students hadn’t got results OR result Page. We will give answers via our comment box. Already we have posted in previous article. Coe2.annauniv.edu.home


Sir, My name Vignesh. I can' see my results. My reg.number is 412414104101. Please find and send my results here.

Yes Your May/june results ready here.
CS6302 - U
CS6501 - U
CS6601 - E
CS6611 - C
CS6612 - A
CS6659 - E
CS6660 - D
GE6674 - S
IT6502 - E
IT6601 - U
IT6702 - E
MA6453 - U

Sir My name Mohan i can't see my May/June results 2017. My register number and date of birth are already sent your coe2annauniv@gmail.com. Please check my result.

Yes, Your report is ready
GE6674 - A
ME6004 - U
ME6301 - U
ME6305 - U
ME6601 - U
ME6602 - U
ME6603 - U
ME6604 - U
ME6611 - A
ME6612 - A
MG6851 - D

Kind Attention:
All Candidates, Please give Register number and date of Birth in comment box only. We will reply immediately.

sir my name praveen i can't see my may/june result my registration number is 922217104029 dob 23-12-1999

MY NAME IS ARUNA I CAN'T SEE MY NOV/DEC 2017 RESULT .MY REG NO 821716106002 DOB.18-06-1999

my name avinash reg no 113215114037 dob-19/01/1998

my reg no;113215114037

hi my reg 421114104090

Hi my name is soundar. Reg no:714814114037 DOB: 17.01.1997

611815205011 manjunathan dob 25-01-1997

kindly reply sir

Sir,My name is Sebastin.I can't see my result.My register number is 111914104306 and my D.O.B is 25-10-1996.Please find it and send my result here sir

111916106103, 14/12/1998

sir im kumaresh my reg no is 111615105024 dob 15-06-1998

822714106039 26/09/96

Sir my name is nandhini my registration number is 811315205302 and dob is 24-10-1997

hi my name is prashant!! 111515104069 and 12/09/1997

311016104028 and DOB 15-09-1998

312815114077 dob: 27/03/1997 please send me result

My name is diwakar.v and my register number is 111715106035 and dob is 23/01/1998

my reg num sir 112912114308 dob-31.01.1995

112912114308 dob-31.01.1995 sir result pls

reg no is 913114105055
DOB is 16/06/1997
Kindly check and give me the result

my register number 310812114111 dob 20.08.1994

My name is Femila and Register number is 950316103005



sir this is my REG.NO - 811816106003, DOB - 22.06.1999

My register number : 810014114060
Date of birth : 06/06/1997

Reg no-713314114064 DOB-13/05/1996

my number is 17143691160(PhD) can you find my results?

hi 212714104067

sir this is my brothers register number 212715105301
dob : 21-01-1998

Reg no:412416106078. Dob:26/12/1998

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My name is aishu and my register number is 211615205005 and my dob - 10/10/1997



sir my name J.Jeyakrishnan my register number 910816103006 DOB 01.08.1998 Pls check the result sir

reg no 811015104901
dob 17/07/1997

My number 910514114018
D.O.B 09-05-1997

reg numm-212011106097 dob-19-02-1994


sir ploease provide my result here ,i cant make it with other links
register no :512713114038
date of birth : 21-10-1995

sir,I'm irfan i can'tsee my result.Please check my result.



sir please check this .. 960911104011 , 22-07-1993

reg no 952911105315, DOB 20-11-1993

my reg no is 211614104507, dob:25-11-1995

Hi..960214106309..I can't wait to c

Hi 960214106309 and dob is 28/11/1995

sir my number is 312315106135
can I have my result


Sir my Reg No:420415205701
DOB: 18-11-1998

reg no:211714104006
dob: 15-12-1996

reg no:211714104006
dob: 15-12-1996

my num is 612714114133 please give my results

reg num 610815106024 pls check my result

reg num 610815106024 pls check my result

my reg no is 612815114070 DOB 09-05-1998

211311106040 02-11-1993

610815106024 pls check my result

reg no:960616114010 DOB:25/03/1999

reg no:960616114010 DOB:25/03/1999

31061607078 - results please

my eg no 962814104018..dob..12.08.1996..can u tell me the result

111713114345 dob 28/09/1995

411715114023 and dob is 30/06/1998

Hi...My name is akshay!!My reg no is 210114114005

reg no:210114114005 DOB:04/06/1997

reg no. 211513106074
dob: 17th june 1996

reg no:715314105004

reg no:210114114005 DOB:04/06/1997

reg no :715314105004

711215106701 dob:26.09.1998 show my result sir

my register number is 711215106701 dob:26.09.1998 show my result sir

Hi Sir,

Reg.No. 201616114018
DOB : 25/10/1998
Please let me know my results.

sir, please provide result for 820712114301 Date of Birth 19-07-1993

Sir this is brother sun number 813914114301 dob 13-06-1996


Sri my number is 312214106321

Kind attention: The result server couldn't be responding. Please wait we will update your results on their portal.
Thank you

623114106018 DOB IS 09-06-1996

623114105028 DOB IS 31-05-1996

623114105028 DOB IS 31-05-1997

Hi yuge,your result is
EC6011 - B
EC6016 -E
EC6303 - U
EC6403 - U
EC6502 - U
EC6503 - U
EC6602 - E
EC6701 - U
EC6702 - C
EC6703 - U
EC6711 - C
Ec6712 - B
IT6005 -E
MA6451 -U

Hi 721015103029 (Logeshwari)
Your result is
CE6501 - C
CE6502 - U
CE6503 - C
CE6504 - E
CE6505 - C
CE6506 - D
CE6511 - S
CE6512 - A
GE6674 - A (Please apply revaluation for CE6502) It will be chance to pass mark this subject. Thank you by coe2annauniv.in(Official)

Hi 813914114301 (Bharani)
Your result is
GE6757 - E
ME6005 - C
ME6012 - E
ME6701 - C
ME6702 - D
ME6703 - B
ME6711 - A
ME6712 - A
ME6713 - S

If others not getting result please go type URL http://results.coe2annauniv.in/2017/10/aucoe-anna-univ-result-134679852-b-grade.html on google. Then enter your register number in given box. Please wait at least 1 minute.

Hi 730913106014 (Elamathi)
EC6009 - U

Hi 820712114301 (Abdul hakkim)
ME2041 - E
ME2402 - U

Hi 711215106071 (Punitha)
Ec6401 - U
ec6404 - U
ec6501 - U
Ec6502 - E
ec6503 - E
ec6504 - U
ec6511 - B
ec6512 - C
ec6513 - C
Ge6351 - U
ph6251 - U/A

Sir please send result fot my number
Reg no:n714015205010, DOB : 25-12-1997

coe1.annauniv.edu is not working for student login

When will you announce Ist semester results (2017-2018).....??

register no:312017114005

sir webpage is not loading please send result for my register number sir
DOB 21-02-1997

Hai hari priya your report was ready

sir webpage is not loading...please send my reval result ...*_*..^_^...
reg no:312215106011

04/12/1996 check my results

my register number is 111714105322